London based Reiki Healer, self-taught artist and Spiritual Viber. With the help of Reiki, Crystals, and Universal Energies I create. All of my creations come with powerful messages and meanings to empower and heal anyone who comes into contact with them.

The day I turned 30

A day and a half after landing in London I turned 30! Up until this point, I was still deciding, what to do, what I should do, and if I was even worthy of turning 30!?! I’ve put so many expectations on myself over the years of what 30 would look like that the pressure […]


My Beach Holiday Essentials!

Wow, the past couple of months have been crazy! It feels like March turned in to May and now we are halfway through the year!!! I have so much to share with you! Let’s rewind to the first week of April. I was blessed to have a 2-week holiday traveling around Thailand! A dream I […]