Let the celebrations continue…










How do I not have many pictures of me on my birthday?!?

I was way too busy having fun and stuffing my face with cake!

The weekend after I turned 30, I was invited to my friend’s house to celebrate!

I arrived in my PJ’s ready for some serious girl time. As I walked into her house there was a table full of food and unicorn deco. My friends know me so well! The champagne was chilled and ready to be served! We started with nachos, moved on to sandwiches, macaroons, scones and clotted cream, then tea and cake. We chatted and watched a film. It was an afternoon full of laughs and delight!

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I don’t have too many friends. Just a small handful of friends that I hold close to me. I am very lucky to have these friends in my life as they truly care about me. I always have the best time being with them and they mean the world to me!

A couple of weeks after my birthday my soul sister, star twin and best boo turned 40. Another milestone birthday! As you can imagine, it was party time again! We went for dinner at Bill’s and had a lot of food and drink. After Bill’s, we went to Club 49 in Soho. It was a lovely night being with friends and celebrating but we came to the conclusion that the Central London Party scene is just not what it used to be. Or, maybe we have just outgrown it. Well, it just means more house parties for us. Whoop Whoop!

Of course, we also celebrated throughout the month, this included going to the cinema watching 2 movies in a row, Starbucks overload, and a sleepover at mine with a cheese board, Pimms and cake. Only one more thing to cross off our celebration list… a Roller Disco!

My ChewwwwwZadie Bear also had 2 celebrations in May. PresentsHer 2nd birthday was on the 16th (her first birthday with me) and on the 26th, her 1st year anniversary from the day she came home! I have lots of pictures of celebrating her birthday. She was showered with gifts and I made her a cake using dog friendly chocolate and wet food. She loved it!


Make a Wish
Zadie Bear making her wishes for the year with one eye slightly open to make sure her cake stays put! 

April and May were months of celebrations and fun times! I have also been soul searching over the past few months and it’s been exhausting! One thing that I have been able to do is, let go of all negativity and just enjoy all the good moments. It has been such an eye opener and I am going to make sure that I implement this every day of my life!

I hope you enjoyed my blog full of celebrations and fun!

Have you been able to find light in the dark and focus on those moments?

Till the next time xx

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