Hey all, 

In April I finally got to visit one of the places on my bucket list. YAY!!!

I was thinking of sharing my views and opinions in this blog but then thought that that wouldn’t be fair. Not all my readers are going to like the same things as me or think in the same way. I think that you should never rule out anywhere based on someone else’s experience as every experience is unique to us individually. Good or bad we learn and grow especially when it comes to traveling.

Here, I am simply going to share where I went and some of my moments from this holiday…

Seafood bar at Heathrow The holiday began with a glass of prosecco at the Seafood Bar before take off!

Finally, after hours of traveling, and by hours I mean almost a day… we arrive at the Pullman Bangkok King Power. These are all the lovely things that this hotel has to offer. I was there for 3 nights so didn’t get to see much in the hotel as I was out and about! The Thai Green Curry was full of flavor and delicious.

On my first full day, I went to the weekend market, got a massage, some gifts to take home, lots of food and mangos. After a long and sweaty day, I had a lovely dip in the hotel pool. The next day, I went to see the Emerald Buddha at the Palace, for a massage then to China Town for food!

Off I went to Koh Yao Noi Island. I got a plane from Bangkok to Pukhet then a boat to the Island where the stunning hotel (Paradise KohYao) was waiting for me. This was 2 days of rest and relaxation. I swam in the pool and sea, sat in my private jacuzzi and walked around looking for all the nature the island had to offer.

Rested and ready to move on to the next destination, Krabi. I stayed in Centra by Centara Phu Pano Resort. Krabi Was lively. On the first day, I walked around and took a look at what was around. I also booked an Island Tour as this seemed the best place to do that. After lots of Mango and exploring it was time to go to sleep ready for a full packed couple of days. I saw lots on the island tour. The next day I went to Railay beach and celebrated Songkran in Krabi!

Rawi Warin Resort and Spa in Ko Lanta was the 4th place on my itinerary. 2 nights of sun sea and sand awaited me! Next door to the resort is Ma ma Dang Restaurant. I ate there twice as it was so good!

Lastly all the way back to Bangkok. Unfortunately, our plane was delayed by 5 hours so we missed a day at the Anantara Riverside Hotel in Bankok. I went to sleep early because I wanted to make the most of my last day before heading back to London. I swam, relaxed and soaked up as much sun and mango as I could!

I feel that Thailand is a naturally beautiful place with much to offer in terms of nature! There was a shocking amount of plastic in the sea which I had to keep picking out and putting in the bin. The reality of how we are destroying the natural beauties of the world are so apparent! You don’t need to go deep in the ocean to see the damage we are doing! I am now way more aware and conscious that I need to do a lot more to save our planet! 

A few tips when traveling to Thailand:

  • Enjoy every experience you have there and embrace it.
  • Learn from what you experience and see.
  • When booking your itinerary try to get a direct flight and don’t stop in Doha with Qatar Airways! It will take a day away from your holiday. Also, if you are planning to travel to different Islands then maybe stay a bit longer as it could take a day to get from one place to another. This could get in the way of exploring the whole area or experiencing everything the area has to offer. 
  • When purchasing incense check them because some of them are perfumed and fake. You will want to make sure they burn well and actually smell nice when burning. 
  • Barter in the market.
  • Don’t barter with the street fruit sellers their prices are super low and the fruits are fresh and good! Also, I just think it’s offensive.
  • Be safe, have fun and Enjoy.

I hope you liked the short picture snip of my experience in Thailand.

What’s your favorite country with your most memorable experiences?

Mine is Cuba, Maldives, and Mexico!

Love, Light and Sparkles xx




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