Turning 30

In a one week I will be 30! Where has the time gone? I swear I was 18 last year, or maybe that’s just what I could get away with. It doesn’t seem right telling people I’m 18 anymore, plus I think people have started to catch on that I’ve been 18 for the past 12 years.

So… 30… What do we do at 30?

I’ve heard of dirty 30 and flirty 30 but that’s just not me. I like my showers and am so over men and flirting with them. My 20’s are screaming been there, done that, don’t do it again!

20150621_151751I hope the next 10 years will be full of me spending my time and energy on myself, choosing a career, lifestyle and happiness!

At the moment I am dreading it! I have no career or career path as such which is not where I thought I would be. I always have options, paths and avenues. I always have back up plans and direction. Right now, I’m metaphorically like chewing gum stuck on the bottom of a school desk, waiting for someone or something to scrape me off and put me where I belong. This is happening in every sector of my life, from health and fitness to what I want to do or enjoy doing! Does turning 30 take the fun out of life? Or should it make you challenge everything in your life?

I feel like 30 may be a year of spring cleaning. Emotionally, physically and mentally. Like a detox, a cleanse or decluttering the soul, brain and body from the useless s**t we harboured from the past! I am starting to think a lot about things. Things that have no relevance to me or my life anymore. Should I be so passionate and waste my energy on things that are small? Things that my ego totally takes over so before I know it something that was actually nothing to do with me ends up heavily impacting my life?

20150815_154328Because of my health I have always been protective about keeping myself healthy, but I have also cheated myself and allowed myself to do or accept things that could make me ill. Like working so hard or accepting sh**ty work environments and practices just because it gave me a wage. Or, going along with the flow because it suits others not putting myself first. It’s time to think further than that!

Is this adulting?

It’s time to preserve my soul, my health and my body so I can take full advantage of this life and I don’t mean this in a superficial way. I just want to be able to do things without the struggles that I face because of the circumstances I live with. I would love to be able to climb a mountain or swim in the middle of the ocean at 60. My dad jumped out of a plane with me at 47! But if I continue to let these unnecessary stresses of life take chunks out of me, I doubt I’m going to be able to hold a pen let alone take full advantage of my whole life. Maybe this change is the way forward? Maybe it isn’t? But maybe that is what turning 30 is about. Who knows? Is this adulting?!?


Why is there so much pressure about turning 30? Do we put this on ourselves? I get 16 and 18 and 21 but I really don’t get 25 or 30 and upwards. It almost feels like it’s a point in life where we sit back and feel old, or to reflect and feel really rubbish because we are not where we imagined we’d be at that age.

When I was younger, I was given A LOT of advise… “You should be earning £1,000 for each year of your age or above that.” So, I should be on £30,000+ per year, right? I am currently unemployed. That puts me at a total of a big fat £0 and 0p per year (for the moment)! “You should have kids before you are 30 because your biological clock will stop ticking.” My clock had a faulty ticker from the get-go, I was screwed on that one. Plus, there are women starting their family in their mid-40’s AND they are living their best life with their kids. “Establish your career, buy a house, travel the world, find the one.” The list goes on. And all of this should happen before 30! Really? This is crazy! It’s actually quite funny because I look at all of these expectations for before 30 and think that if we’ve done all of this what’s left to live for?

20150424_195112I am just glad I have made it to 30 and hope for many more years to come! I am happy that I haven’t quite made it in life yet because if had ‘made it’ (according to this perfect world advise). Would I be writing about how little there is left for me to explore in life? I know that I still have so much to go through and to do! The plus side of doing it at 30 is that I am a little wiser from the 30 years life experience I already have. I can smash 30 with my eyes wide open!

IMG-20160424-WA0110Someone asked me what I was going to do for the big 3-0. I told them that I would sit in my cupboard with a chocolate cake and wash it down with champagne! I think it’s a great way to celebrate! I’ll have my champagne and be happy. I could then also have my cake and not have to share it. For me, celebrating this way means that I can avoid those awkward milestone questions and speeches (Chuckle)!!!

Honestly though, I am really stuck on turning 30! Is it overrated? Will I look back and regret being so casual about it? Should I be making a mark to celebrate moving in to a new stage of life with confidence?


Well, I’ve got as far as ordering my cake for the big day so I am happy!

What did you do for your 30th? How do you or did you feel about turning 30? How’s turning 30 been for you?



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