Gynaecological Follow-up & the NHS

This Saturday I received a message from the hospital. Great, an appointment… Not! The appointment is for November!!! Are they crazy? It’s supposed to be in June!

So, when I left the hospital in February, the plan was…

A menstrual diary for 3 months, get the blood test for PCOS, take the pill, have another ultrasound in March (4 months after the last one in November). By the time those things have been done, I would be ready for the next gynaecologist appointment 4 months after the one in February.

Seems like the NHS has decided to make a change to my treatment plan before consulting me first.

I called the imaging department to find out when I will be booked in for my ultra sound. Apparently, this will be done in May. So, the ultrasound will be taken in May, 2 months after it is supposed to be taken. The appointment that will discuss the findings and difference between the ultrasounds to see if there is progression etc, will be in November- 6 months after the ultrasound and 5 months after it should have been. I am fuming!

To top things off, still nothing back from the colposcopy clinic!

I am starting to think that the reason people aren’t following these things up is not because it is awkward, but it is because it is unnecessarily stressful! It is uncertain and time consuming and the mental impact is unreal!

I am beginning to wonder what the point is in dragging myself through another few years of nightmares, having to call the hospital all the time, not know where samples of my own body are, not finding out information about my body that I have the right to know, having treatment plans changed at their convenience without any explanation and the list of negatives go on. I used to have an understanding for the NHS and the pressure they are under. I let the mess that they made over my cervix slide as they eventually did what needed to be done. But now I have no understanding, especially as I have heard people in the same position being treated amazingly beginning to end!

Is this the NHS or is this just my bad luck?

What’s your experience? 


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