International Womens Week!

Hello to all us lovely women!

How has your International Womens Week go? Did you do anything to celebrate? 

International Womens Day!

In 1893 women were given the right to vote in New Zealand. In 1920 women were given the right to vote in the US. In 1957 women were given the right to vote in Malaysia and Zimbabwe. In 1976 women were given the right to vote in Portugal. In 1962 both male and female Aborigines were given the right to vote. In 2011 women were given their first right to vote in Saudi Arabia, although the first opportunity for women to be able to vote was in December 2015. That was only 2 years and 3 months ago!

The seconds turned in to minutes, which turned in to hours, which turned in to days which have turned in to a week where women celebrate, stand strong together, unite and empower our successes together, not for anything other than being women! How amazing is this!? How amazing are we!?

It has been such a lovely week seeing women from all around the world spread their beauty and support one and other side by side without fear!

It makes me sad to think of all the battles we face as women. Sometimes, I don’t understand it, sometimes I just plain and simple, don’t want to believe it but… All of the time, I refuse to be oppressed by it! I am what I am, I am who I am, and I will do what I want and that is that! Just because I don’t have a pendulum swinging between my legs, it doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve the right to walk down the street without being disrupted by inappropriate gestures or drink a beer, read a book, work in a certain industry or wear types of clothing… the list goes on! I will not be put in a box pressured to speak, act, walk, talk or follow rules that have been created by narrow minded and insecure people.

Time has made my confidence grow and this is because I have been put in many positions where I have had to make the decision to either be oppressed or stand up for myself as a woman. Many of us women go through this, and because we are speaking more about this supporting each other and standing hand in hand with each other, it’s becoming easier for us to not be oppressed and singled out or for us to at least challenge it! I have made lots of mistakes in the past where I have allowed myself to believe some of the MANmade rules which were only there to make women inferior. My journey through life has taught me that, I am a strong woman and do not need the “power” of a man to allow me to do things. It took me 28 years and 8 months to come to this realisation. Better late than never I say as I am now living my best life or the best it can be for now! Free from dictations by anyone other than myself! Free from someone putting me down because they are insecure about themselves or just used to always having the upper hand! I am not saying that all men are scum or saying that I want to be single for the rest of my life, but the majority of the men I have been surrounded by or involved with are… To put it lightly… chauvinistic, pig headed, manipulative, womanising, oppressive, narcissistic, prejudice bigots. I have had a man ask me to clean a cooker to show his mum that I could look after him so that she would be impressed. I have had a man tell me that men are like fine wine and women like cheese. Apparently, he thought that men have all the time in the world as they mature gracefully like a fine vintage wine. However, women go stale and mouldy like cheese with age. Luckily, I have lots of women in my family and access to the internet. The women in my family look years younger than they are, and look at the celebs out there… Madonna, J Lo, Elizabeth Hurley, Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Liu, Jane Seymour, Halle Berry, Angela Basset, Janet Jackson, Aretha Franklin and the list goes on… But throughout my years I have also come to “not give a S**T!” I don’t care if gravity takes hold of me and makes me look like a crumpled piece of brown paper. Reason why… Because I am who I am, I will do what I want, and I am comfortable with that! We are taught from such a young age that, as women, we need to pack 30 years of life in 15 all because our biological clocks are ticking. Really! What the actual F**K! So, society tells us to rush our lives, end up like cattle in a market sold (or sell ourselves) as meat to some TW*T who wants to breed. Then find out that our clocks are broken, or that we don’t want to use it and BANG. Reality hits! Wasted so many years being a slave to the system feeling like we are not good enough or only good for one thing, not reaching our dreams, sacrificing for not the greater good, but the temperamental needs of a man, of this fake vision created in society! All this not because we want to but because we are convinced by society that this is what we need, what will make us happy or is our purpose. But it’s not! We can have children later our bodies can cope with it! We can adopt, we don’t have to physically push a baby out to be a parent! We can do it with or without a man! The saying goes… It takes a village to raise a child not it takes a man and woman to raise a child! This thinking is damaging, it has left women feeling stuck, unhappy and it is plain DESTRUCTIVE! It is time to fight back and do the things we want, in the way we want, when we want! It is time for the world to accept… In the words of Beyoncé… Who run the world? Girls! The endless discrimination goes on, but I won’t waste the majority of my blog on it as those things don’t deserve space, time, power or energy because they are useless!

Luckily, I also have a few men in my life like my dad who have helped me in my journey making sure that I am equal. Showing me that I have rights and standing by my side when I voice my rights! I also have super strong super women in my life who have ingrained independence, strength, education, a voice, a mind, beauty in every shape, form colour and size! They have also reminded me of what they have been through so that I could have my say and they have been there to hold me when I have been pushed back.

A pet hate that still exists is when women push other women down! It is not on! I don’t understand it! Please, ladies don’t give in to this type of behaviour. Stop comparing and giving in to this warped sense of “a woman” society created for us to follow for way too long! Let’s embrace all of our different qualities together in unity and inclusively!

The panel
Bryony Gordon, Lauren Mohan, Natalie Lee, Esme Young and Nafisar Bakkar (from left to right)

Last night, I went to “I DEFINE ME: Women in their own words”, an event run by Warehouse at “The Allbright” a women’s exclusive member’s club! There we a panel of 5 women all different in every way and equally amazing in every way! The speakers were Laura Jackson, who led the panel, Bryony Gordon, Lauren Mohan, Natalie Lee, Esme Young and Nafisa Bakkar. It was comical, touching, enlightening, informative, refreshing and uplifting to hear women speak so openly about their thoughts, experiences, go to’s, know how’s, and what if’s. I know we see them on social media but being there in person and hearing them talk, really talk, so comfortably, connected with me in a completely different way! It was great to meet like minded people at the event and talk about meaningful topics. Conversations weren’t about having a bi**h, moan and gossip. Conversations were deep and uplifting as though there is no space for oppression against women anymore. Like they say… a dream becomes a thought, then an action and lastly a REALITY! It was comforting to hear that women have been going through the same or similar things from body confidence, to stages in their career and even the pressure of traditional backdated thinking. It is more comforting to know that these women are also all challenging these behaviours, thoughts, patterns and realising that the change starts within ourselves first, then flow through the generations.

Me and Natalie Lee
Managed to get a quick pic with Natalie Lee!

It was a fantastic evening! I would definitely recommend people to go to things like this if they get the opportunity to. I also think that these things should be held throughout the year. Just so that we can keep track and not forget to fight the fight until this time next year. I know it sounds silly, but sometimes when fighting a battle like this, it is easy to feel tired, vulnerable and give up. However, events like this give you that little boost, they put light in the dark, they install confidence, passion and fire for you to carry on!

Some Affirmations to help throughout the year:

  1. I love myself and am kind to myself and that is not selfish!
  2. I am who I am!
  3. I deserve to love myself!
  4. I believe I can, and I will!
  5. My body is mine and belongs to me. It serves me well and does amazing things. I love my body!
  6. I am perfect as I am!
  7. I have the power and to strength to be me!
  8. I respect myself and am worthy of everything beautiful because I am beautiful as I am!
  9. I am unique and accept myself as I am!
  10. I am enough and what I do is enough because I am special!
  11. I have strength and confidence that will always overpower my fears!
  12. I do not compare myself or judge another. I will embrace all differences and believe in who I am!
  13. Because I respect myself I speak my truth and stay true to me!
  14. I have a place in this world as much as anyone else!
  15. I am human, I learn from my mistakes and from others!
  16. I appreciate me and everything about me!
  17. Every time I look in the mirror or see my reflection, I will smile at myself! (and actually, do it)!
  18. My colours radiate making this world a brighter place!

Happy International Women’s day to every Woman in the world! Let’s unite in our womanhood and turn this week in to a month and then in to a year! Let’s remove our insecurities and rise to this challenge with dignity and honour, creating an eternity of equality, respect and unison for all of mankind!

Peace, Love and Happiness xx


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