Dog’s and their diets

Yayy… Zadie’s food has arrived. It’s always a happy day for my Zadie Bear when her food arrives!

In my first blog about Zadie I mentioned that she had been passed on to me with nasty food! I found the food given to me in Pound Land and was disgusted!

Dog Food
In Pound Land!

It is 4% meat. That’s the equivalent of us eating 2 Pot Noodles a day and nothing else! Shocking right!?!

The day after I bought her home, we went straight to Pets at Home to get a bunch of dog supplies. The first thing I looked at was food. The abundance of dog food brands completely threw me off. I was planning to pick up the frozen minced meat we used to feed our Lab’s from Natures Menu. Suddenly, I was doubting my decision from reading all the different packaging and nutrition advice out there. Grain free this and high in meat that. Sweet potato this bla, bla that! On top of all the other bits I needed to get this was an absolute nightmare. I made the decision to pick up one type of food, then put it back 10 min later to pick up another, and put it back, and so on until finally my mum had had enough and helped me to choose one dry and one wet food.

Finally, the food we choose was a “high in meat” food both the dry and wet food and also grain free. It claimed to be all natural which was a bonus. the ingredients in the food was honestly better than what we eat. Zadie was getting a full-on roast with all the trimmings every day! As you could imagine, it didn’t take much to convince for her to eat the wet food. She loved it! She would graze on the dry food but wasn’t too sure about it.

A few months later Zadie was settled and comfortable, it was time to get a trainer for her. We were doing basic things, but her separation anxiety was unmanageable, and her concentration was very short. Also, I didn’t know how to treat her as I could see a timid, shy, scared dog in her and didn’t want her to feel this way in her new home. Craig, (Well Mannered Mutt) came to our rescue! Together we went through the problems I was having. Firstly, he corrected my behaviours and attitude towards Zadie. He basically trained me for roughly 3 quarters of the session. It was worth it as I needed it and it’s worked!

Moving on… Dogs and their diets. He asked me what I was feeding Zadie so, I showed him. 55% meat. He explained that this was part of her concentration problems. He went through a list of ingredients which were carbs. He explained that carbs are hard for dogs to digest. The more carbs they have the more their brains and bodies are trying to digest the food rather than the food working for the body. He suggested that I moved Zadie on to a low carb high meat diet. At least 70% meat he said. I was given a list of carb ingredients to look out for.

Craig recommended Natures Menu which I was familiar with already. However I wasn’t familiar with the range of different products they have! He said that once she is fully on this diet, I will notice a big change. That night I ordered some food. I got some frozen chicken wings, lamb ribs, duck necks and True Instinct Raw boost. I was really hoping she wouldn’t turn her nose up at it as it was a lot of food. We waited a few days for the food to arrive and carried on with the other teachings from Craig. When the food arrived, Zadie went mental! It was delivered in a brown cardboard delivery box and she could still smell it. I took a dry piece from the True Instinct Salmon & Tuna flavour bag. You can guess what happened next… She swallowed it! She was happy with the food and I was happy she was happy.

Less than 24 hours after starting her on this new diet I noticed behavioural changes. She was understanding what I was asking of her. I noticed that she could hear me when I called her, and wouldn’t get distracted by something else, forgetting that I had called her when she was on her way to me. Roughly a week later, her coat was glossy and shiny. She is constantly complemented on the condition of her coat and I can honestly say that it is all down to this diet. The food is natural and fresh. She is on a diet of 85% meat and I stay clear of carb treats too. She has ham bones and ostrich bones from Woofs To Kittys, Natures Menu soft meat stuffed in to a Kong and frozen, frozen carcases, cheddar cheese, chicken and spinach discs and sometimes the True Instinct frozen raw bites. The benefits are amazing. From wetting herself when told to go to bed she now happily goes to her bed on command and without command. She sits, lays down, gives her paw, sometimes roles over and does what we call Je Je which is prayers. She has an upstairs den and a downstairs den that she goes in and in her upstairs den she is happy to be zipped in for bedtime. She knows her big cushion in my parents’ room and will go straight to it when she chills with my mum or dad in their room. These foods have also given me time and freedom as she is entertained by them. It takes her a good half hour to an hour to get through the ribs. Sometimes she buries them in the garden and digs them up again. It’s all great fun for her, and by the time she is finished she needs a sleep. Happy days, as I can get on with stuff other than getting sucked in by her big brown eyes spending all day with cuddles and play. If it wasn’t for the change in diet, I don’t think we would have got this far at all. I would probably be writing blogs about my uncontrollable teenage dog.

True Instinct
Excited to try these new treats!

It’s very confusing out there with all the information that is given to us. I just thought I would confuse you a little more and let you know about the little bit of dietary information I have that made a big difference for me!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about Zadie Bear and her diet.

Let me know if you’ve had a similar experience or if you have had any other dietary experiences with your pooches?

Oh, and if you want to give Natures Menu, True Instinct range ago. Check out the website. They have 20% off for March. I am not paid by Natures Menu, I don’t receive free products from them, nor have I been asked to promote this brand. I just feel that it’s made such a difference to Zadie that I want to spread the word!

Right, I’m off for a snuggle!

Happy Friday! xx

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