Spa Day!

swim,steam,sauna,Hello my lovely readers. I hope you all had a great weekend and managed to do all the fun things the weekend is made for? 

On Friday My bestie and I had booked what was meant to be a lovely spa day in Colchester. Unfortunately, the spa day part wasn’t that great. 

Before going we did our research, we booked a spa day with afternoon tea and a 20 min treatment. There was a Starbucks in the hotel part and from the website it looked like we had everything we needed there. 

I got up early on Friday morning, walked Zadie and set off to pick my friend up and get moving so that we could make the most of our spa day. The plan was to get there nice and early and have a coffee and croissant for breakfast in the Starbucks. We would then get changed, have a swim, steam and sauna before indulging in the afternoon tea. I then wanted to sit in the relaxation room and finish my book before going to have another swim, steam and sauna. I also wanted to perform my own pamper ritual/ body cleanse before getting dressed and going for our 20 min treatments. We had then planned to relax in the relaxation room and have a quick nap before getting dressed and heading back home.


Vanilla Latte without the VanillaWhat happened actually happened… We got there and the Starbucks was empty, there were 4 chocolate muffins, crisps, cake type things in a packet, biscuits and chocolate bars. They had every flavour syrup other than peppermint and no white chocolate mocha. My friend got a cappuccino and me a vanilla latte. The lady was very rude and abrupt. We asked if there was anywhere, we could get a croissant or breakfast from and she said no, there is chocolate muffins there. She also gave me my vanilla late without the vanilla. I was in need for the caffeine and didn’t want to wait for her to come back as she had disappeared around the corner so fast, that I just drank it. Glad I didn’t order a black coffee, I may have ended up with hot water! 
After our coffee and no breakfast, we headed up the stairs to the first floor where the spa reception was. The ladies at reception were lovely. We asked them if there was anywhere, we could get breakfast from and they said that there wasn’t. This is crazy! Usually we would have planned to bring food with us, but we didn’t because on the website it says we could be fined if we are found with out own food. If you are going to make rules like this then I think you need to make sure that there is food available 24/7. And by food, I mean food not chocolate, crisps and cake. It was very unusual to see that this spa did not offer fruit and nuts. Usually spas have bowls of fruit and nuts available for clients to help themselves to if they are peckish. There was a little canister that had hot water and a box of tea bags so that we could make our won tea and coffee. However, this was removed right after lunch time. The ladies at reception said that 12 was the earliest time we could order food, so we just asked to have our afternoon tea then. We sat and waited for our afternoon tea and when in finally came the disappointment hit!!!
Afternoon Tea
Not very Impressive!
I asked the lady who served us if they had plain scones as I don’t eat raisins or sultanas. She said, “no but next time call ahead and let us know of any dietary requirements”. Then quickly walked away. I was gobsmacked! She could have offered me a few more sandwich fingers or something in place of the scones. To be honest, I am glad she didn’t as the bread was stale, and the filling was not great at all. The smoked salmon was gross, the cheese like plastic and the ham dry! The cakes were not so great either. There was what tasted like a lemon drizzle cake, a pistachio macaroon and an e-clare. The macaroon was nice but tiny and the e-clare was tiny too. The lemon cake was not so great. It was completely disappointing! We decided to suck it up and go and enjoy the spa. The set out of the place was confusing, inconvenient and not spa like at all. They had a changing room in the first floor with the treatment rooms, relaxation room and spa reception. There was not a toilet or showers in them. It was literally a changing room. Then all the way down stairs there was a changing room with the showers and toilets in. This changing room lead to the swim, steam and sauna area. Keys for the lockers needed to be collected from the upstairs reception area which we were not told about so we had to go back up to ask. Once we had finally managed to sort ourselves out and were in our costumes, we went to have a swim. The pool us not really one you can swim in, but it was ok. The Steam room and sauna are both really good sizes and were heated just perfectly. There was also a jacuzzi looking thing attached to the pool which was nice to sit in but would have been better with harder jets and warmer water. We chilled there for a couple of hours before having our showers, performing my usual cleanse ritual and having our treatments. The treatment was amazing! I had a 20 min shoulder massage and can honestly say that the lady did me wonders! I usually don’t get massages because people don’t have the strength to do what is needed and it irritates me. However, not one complaint about this massage. The lady actually felt what needed to be done and did it all in 20 min. Woo Hoo! As she had asked me about how my day went. I did let her know that I wasn’t impressed. After my massage she had a mini ESPA gift for us and also offered to discount the price of the package we had. Which was nice of her.

I do love a spa day and having some chillax time! But I hate it when it doesn’t workout that way. I seem to feel more stressed out than before I went. I also, don’t like it when people in this industry are rude with no customer service skills. The point of the wellbeing industry is to make people feel good and give them an experience and feeling of wellbeing/ greatness! By greatness I mean felling relaxed, lovely, special, warm, happy and all the above. Not for the customer to treat others like slaves and be rude! I was really disappointed and upset with my experience. And my review of the “spa” is that they need to not promote it as a “spa” but as a “luxury leisure centre” they should also make it clear that the luxury part is the spa treatment, steam and sauna. I think they should also rethink their food rule. Either invest in 24-hour food for your guests or allow guests to bring their own.

Of course, before going home, we went and had our Starbucks, or the day would not have been complete! Either way me and my bestie enjoyed each-others company and had a lovely time catching up with each other.

Have a good day coffee!
This is what I call service. Such a lovely man! Tasted extra delicous too!

My Spa Day Cleanse Ritual:

Hair- Before going for a swim steam and sauna, I cover my head and hair in my homemade hair oil. I give myself a good head massage before tying my hair in a bun.

Face- When I have had enough of swimming, steaming and the sauna I go in to the changing room and immediately wash my face with my face cleanser and then with a face scrub. Then I apply my face mask.

Body- Whilst my face is setting. I wash my costume and wash my body with soap.

Hair- I wash the oil out with shampoo massaging the scalp properly, rinse and apply the conditioner from the tip to the root, comb through with fingers and tie in a bun again.

Body- Whilst the conditioner is setting, I use my scrub mitt and do a second wash with a fine scrub or a soap. I use a lot of pressure to get rid of as much dead skin and give my self a good clean. However, you can scrub with as much pressure or as little pressure as your body can take.

Face- I wash off the face mask and apply a cleanser to my face again. I use an exfoliating mitt with light pressure, to give my face an extra deep cleanse.

Face, Body and Hair- I then rinse off my hair, body and face with hot water. I then turn the tap to cold and quickly dip myself under closing the pores in my hair, face and body whilst screaming the word F**K in my head (I hate this part)!

Last of all, I dry my self off and soak my body in oil before getting dressed.

My Spa Products
My spa day essentials!

As you know I like to refill bottles. The shampoo, conditioner and hair bottles and were refilled with different products but all for the same use as on the bottle so that I don’t get confused! I mix the REN face oil and Cetaphil face cream together as it makes a nice gliding spa feel and also a nice spa smell when applying! I change my masks and sometimes take a home-made mask which is a post for another day! 

Have you been to a spa? What are your spa essentials and rituals? What do you like best at spas? What is on your spa do and don’t list?

Have you had any horrifying customer service experiences?

I hope you enjoyed this post and make use of some of the tips. My rituals can also be used at home or in your local gym if you have a swim, steam and sauna.

Let me know if you try my pamper ritual out and how you felt after?

Have a blessed start to the week xx


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