Hello my lovely bunch! I hope you enjoyed the lovely little taste of spring we were blessed with in London this week!

My last post for the month of LOVE is of course about my Zadie Bear! She is my Love, my Light and a whole heap of laughter!

Zadie's Firdt week Home
Those eyes and ears!

I have always wanted to have another loyal companion in my life after our 2 beautiful Labradors Simba and Nala passed away. Knowing the commitment involved and the heartbreak when it was time for them to leave their furry bodies and to allow their souls to be free. Well, let’s just say, it took me a long time to be ready again. Now I think about it, it’s really a no brainer. Although, they are with us for a short time and it takes a lot to look after them. They give back way more than they take. The memories, loyalty and everything that comes from them completely outweighs everything else!

In 2018 I decided that I was going to get my fur baby, I wanted a rescue or one that wasn’t wanted or couldn’t be looked after anymore. I had planned to be careful with my selection and thought I would take a look at loads of doggies before getting one. I wasn’t bothered about his or her age but was ideally looking for a boy to call Zeus. I was settled in a job that I thought I would be in for the long term; my health was back up to a good level that I could cope with the responsibilities and I was turning 29. One year before the big 30. I wanted a baby but not a human baby and not a plant, but a doggy baby! I was ready to take that step!

So, I started my search, I had been looking and lots of dogs on the internet, using the RSPCA website, Gumtree, Battersea rehome dog’s website and plenty of others. I had seen an old boy lab on the RSPCA website but when I went to apply to visit him, he was being rehomed already. I was gutted as he was adorable! I am a firm believer in what is meant to be will be. I was happy that he was rehomed and hopefully with a family that love him unconditionally. A few weeks went by and I spoke to a lady with a French Bulldog and a Pug that both needed rehoming. She was happy to separate them, but I was not happy to do this. I was going to see them but then thought about it again and knew that I was not ready for the commitment of 2 dogs. Another few weeks went by and I noticed a picture and description of this little squished face doggy. I just had to see her. I immediately called the owner and her daughter answered. I asked a few questions. Just the normal stuff like the behaviour, medical history, food, can she be left alone? Walk off the lead etc? Everything was all positive, so I arranged to visit her on the weekend.

That weekend my bestie came with me for the support. We walked in to the house and there she was, the cutest little jumping bean ever. The owner’s daughter shouted at her and she started shaking so you could see the nervousness in the poor thing already. I sat on the floor and stroked her. I just couldn’t not take her away! The owner explained that she had 2 old dogs and a cat already and couldn’t give her the care she needed because the 2 old dogs didn’t like her. The stories didn’t match between the daughter that had spoken to me and the owner, but I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was take my baby home and give her all the love she deserves. There were no more visits to that house and no checking to see if I was going to be able to take care of her. I found it very strange that they just let her go with me in that instance. They gave me a smelly disgusting teddy, her vets and micro-chip papers and a horrifying food that I later found out was from the pound shop. Me, my bestie and Zadie (named Kizzy) at the time got in the car and headed back. Before going home, we parked the car at a park local to my friends place and had a nice stroll whilst admiring her. All I could think was that she is the cutest little brown eyed beauty ever. I couldn’t have been happier and couldn’t wait to build a life with her in it!

When we got home it took a lot of time for my family to get used to her wrinkles and overly loving temperament. Now, they absolutely love her. It has not been easy as she has had a lot of issues to work through, but we have done it and she is a much more confident dog. We had a lovely trainer come in called Craig, Well Mannered Mutt, http://www.wellmanneredmutt.co.uk. He was amazing. We had results over night! We went through techniques, he trained me and my thought processes, he went through nutrition and food training. I was given homework and sheets to work from. It was super fantastic! In the second session we did lead and walking training and that was all we needed. 100% worth it and it worked! Because of this training I also realised that the lapses we have had were actually due to me and my behaviour and not Zadie. Oops. Technically he is a dog owner trainer because once I was disciplined in my thoughts and behaviour, Zadie more or less followed.

Now to the queen herself… She is the most funny and smart girl I have ever known. So sensitive to her emotions and others emotions. She also knows exactly what she wants in life! As we live with my parents, she knows the system in the house. Although she knows I am Mummy, she knows that living with Nany and Nana is the best thing ever as she can get her way a lot of the time. My dad is a sucker for her big brown eyes and the way that she can put on tears to dupe him in to cheese! She also knows that my dad will take her for a walk sometimes, so she tries to convince him every now and then.

Nana's little girl
Nana’s little girl!
Cheese please!
Nana look at my eyes and the tears in them. I need Cheese please!

She will go to my mum for sofa cuddles, the hot water bottle and also treat games in the house. That is our Monday to Friday with Zadie and her antics. When it comes to the weekend, we usually have a full house. She has a love hate with my middle sister as she is strict in commands with her but plays so nicely with Zadie. She will push the boundaries with Zadie the same way Zadie pushes the boundaries with everyone and teases her (in a playful way).

Let’s be naughty Masi
Go on Masi, get the cheeses. I promise I won’t tell!

Zadie runs away and comes back for more. They definitely match each other’s energy levels. Zadie wasn’t wanted by my older sister and it took a lot of work from both of them to get to know and like each other. Their relationship has developed in leaps and bounds but it is very funny to see Zadie be very cautious to her. She will wait only to be called by her and will go to her only if she is in a very good mood.

Christmas 2018
After dinner games and snuggles with Nani!

But they love each other dearly with limitations. Then there is my nephew… Oh my days! Zadie absolutely loves him! She gets so excited to see him and just can’t get enough of him. When he comes over, she just wants to sit in his lap and sometimes gets a bit too over excited and playful with him by licking him constantly.

Sweet Dreams
I loves sleeps under mums chin.

Mummy Time!

It is a cute relationship they have! I must say the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” definitely rings true! Zadie and I would not have come this far without all the people we have supporting and guiding us! For that we are fully thankful and grateful! Big hugs!

The ear!
Tell me all about it mum! I’m listening!!!
Crazy Zadie
Crazy Zadie Bear!


Does anyone else think she looks like Toothless?
Stupid fox S**t… Now look… I have to have a bath.
Oh how I love my cuddles!
Pee Pee
They said what mum… I don’t think so!
Back at the vets
Got a little unwell after surgery, they will make me better here!
Backwards sofa
Who put the sofa backwards?
Soft cushion
I am not allowedon this cushion but it is just so soft I can’t help myself!
Love sleeping on my mums chest!
Cone head!
Mum, I feel really stupid with this cone on my head!
My Nany
Back off mummy, this is me and Nany time!
Plaster off
They took my plaster off and I feel uncomfortable. Mummy let me have my cone off for a bit as she watches me so that I can get some comfortable shut eye.
Day 3 after surgery
Day 3 after surgery. Still quiet and just want to sleep!
Masi's hand
Masi let me rest my head on her hand without my collar so that I could be comfortable for a bit!


Back home to recover from surgery. I love my unicorns and they will make me better!
Car ride
On the way back from the vets in the car!
Bags packed and eady to go
My bag is packed and I am ready to spend the day at the vets!
Snug as a bug in a rug!
Snug as a bug in a rug!


Bedding shopping in Dunelm! Such Fun!
Pre New Year outfit
Happy New Year Guys!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
It wasn't me!
It wasn’t me… I promise… NOT… It was an accident!
My leg
Got to hug the leg!
Christmas movie in bed
Chilling with a Christmas movie in bed!
My new winter coat
How cute is my coat?
Christmas Grotto
Shhhh mummy, Santa’s coming
After my papmer sleep
Being pampered was such hard work! http://www.foxygroomers.co.uk
No paparazzi!
No Paparazzi!



My hotwater bottle
I love my hotwater bottle!

SUN SUN SUN!Morning Cuddles


Zadie in her Diwali outfit
My digs
The best purchase ever! I got 2, one for upstairs and one for downstairs or travel! She loves it too!
Sleeping Beauty!
She sleeps so peacefully!
The cheese ear!
Did I hear Cheeses?
I have Autumn on my nose!
Halloween Bus Ride
Driving in my car
I’m driving in my car, I’m driving in my car, Honk Honk Beep Beep, Honk Honk Beep Beep, I’m Driving in my car!

Close to mum

Today I will be a Lizard
Mummy and Me
One eye pick
It's raining It's pouring
Lets do this walk thing another day mum…You know, when it’s dry?
Afternoon nap
Afternoon nap with my fave pillow
Pillow for my head
The humans wont mind me using this to rest my head!
Tummy rubs
Sleepy tickle tummy time!
Leopard Buddies
Leopard buddies watching a horror together.

Zadie has a best friend and a husband to be. It was actual love at first sight. We were trying to cross the road to get to Ally Pally and she would just not cross without this other little doggie she had seen. He was raring for the palace grounds, but she was fixated on him. I have got to admit; my girl has great taste! He is the most adorable little boy and his character and nature is even more adorable. He dotes on her, kisses her and loves her to bits. Zadie is a funny girl, she dominates him and even sometimes pretends that she is not interested in him just to jump straight on him. Whenever I call out his name (Marley) her head goes up and tilts to the side and she looks for him getting really excited. People see them together and either stay away because they think Zadie is a crazy lady or they can see how much they both love each other. Occasionally, I do have to warn Zadie and tell her to calm down as she gets over excited and takes things a bit too far. But this is her nature and she does do this at home with me and the people she is close to. I think she will always remain a kid at heart and I wouldn’t have her any other way! From the moment Zadie and Marley met they have been the best of friends going on walks and outings together. They have had pub dates at the Victoria Stakes chaperoned, by their mum’s, who also have a great time with cocktails and food. It is so lovely to see such a bond between the two of them and in this bond, I have made a great friend too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is amazing the world a doggie can open up for you. It is also amazing the way a doggy can make you feel. Someone with nothing but unconditional love for you. Joy and happiness. Greets you with a smile every time they see you no matter what. Who truly only ever wants to please you with no agenda what so ever! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE my Zadie Bear Shah!

Do you have any fur babies or any baby stories? I’d love to hear them so feel free to comment and share your stories with me!

Have a loving end to February and let the Spring begin!

Lots and lots of LOVE from me and Zadie Bear xx



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