My trip to the Gynaecologist

It’s the 26th of February 2019 and the month of love is coming to an end!

But it’s not over yet!

I hope you all had an eventful month and managed to implement lots of ways to love yourself and others this month and throughout the year!

YAY!On the 14th, as you know from my previous blogs, I had an appointment to see the gynaecologist. It was an interesting visit that left me with some confusion and a bit of hospital homework.

First things first, the lady I saw was lovely. She was straight forward and took the time to explain what needed to be done. She was very clear in the fact that she hasn’t got a diagnosis but would like to work on getting one. Finally, someone who is willing to do some research and not send me packing without direction making me feel stupid.

She has given me a report with the results from my scan and from what I understood the findings are as follows:

  • My right ovary suggests that it could be a PCO (Polycystic Ovary). This will be monitored, and if it continues, they will need to do something about it. She asked me a few questions about the symptoms I have had. This led her to prescribe me a blood test to see if I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). Things like excessive thick hair growth are part of my heritage but could also be related to PCOS. There are other symptoms like, heavy, painful, irregular periods, weight gain, hair loss from the head and acne. She further explained that this blood test needs to be taken between day 2 and 5 of my period so that it can collect the hormone levels at the right time.
  • My left ovary has a dense looking endometrioma cyst measuring 23mm in diameter (2.3cm). This is the size of an almond and is not large. They consider large cysts at 2.5cm and over. This will be monitored and if it continues to grow, they will think of treatment options. I should see someone for another ultrasound next month which is 4 months after my last. This will give them a clear reading on the development of the cyst.
  • For now, I have been given a contraceptive pill to take (after I have had the blood test) this may help reduce some symptoms. I have also been given Mefenamic acid for pain relief when I am surfing the crimson wave, and Tranexamic acid to slow the breakdown of blood clots, preventing heavy bleeding. I need to write a menstrual diary over the next 4 months as I await my next appointment in 4 months’ time.
  • Lastly the report showed the size of my cervix which is now down from the normal size of 40-50mm (when not pregnant) in length to 13mm in length. This increases the risk of having a premature baby. As we were on the topic, she looked back in my records and said that she could see that I was still being monitored for cervical cells as I am not in the all clear. I was shocked! I said that I had been told that I was in the all clear but would need to be checked in 12 months as a routine thing just to make sure that they don’t come back. Unfortunately, this was not the case. She said that she can see from the paper work that I am not clear and need to be seen 12 months after my last smear/ colposcopy to check if they have cleared themselves or multiplied (needing treatment). She asked if I had received a letter, so I explained the issues with correspondence from that department. I said that I gave up asking them for the letter and that my GP chased them and got an answer. She said as I was there, I should go and demand a letter from them to explain everything as it is my right to have that letter. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do this for me as she didn’t have access to that system. Once we had finished, I went straight to colposcopy and spoke to the receptionist who was lovely. She said that I had been discharged but could see that I hadn’t been sent a letter and that a letter hadn’t been written to send, she confirmed that I am requested to go back 12 months after my last visit. None of it made sense to her, so she took my details and said that she would request the letter to be sent immediately to me. This was on the 14th of Feb and we are now on the 26th of Feb, still no letter or explanation! My dilemma, do I just leave it or pester them? It’s so frustrating having to continually chase for information about myself that I have the right to know, but don’t get anything until they decide they feel like it. I have decided to give it a month and then I will chase them up again.

To conclude…

…The cervical cells are not over and the battle with the colposcopy department at the Whittington Hospital continues…

…The Gynaecologist I saw is on it! I feel hopeful that she is going to do her best to make this part of my life easier to deal with once she has a diagnosis. I have had a period since so went for the blood test and can now start taking the pill. Fingers crossed it reduces some of the symptoms. I have completed the first month of the menstrual diary 3 more to go. Yay! I haven’t had an appointment letter for my next ultrasound yet and will wait for that also the letter for my appointment in 4 months to see the Gynae again. 

One uncertainty I have is taking these acid pills for pain and bleeding. I have not taken these yet and am very apprehensive. Have you taken them or been prescribed them? What are your thoughts on these pills? How did they affect you if you’ve taken them? Is there a more holistic or herbal remedy out there that I could use instead? 

The reason I ask these questions about these pills in particular is because I am sensitive to pills like this and have odd reactions. Sleeping pills make me alert or hyper, tramadol makes me really hyper and then once worn off I have a really bad low from them. Also, other issues like a bad tummy and just feeling plain rough. Wouldn’t want to take a pill to fix one thing and start another. Better the devil I know right?!?

Thanks for reading guys, I hope there was something in my experience that gives you comfort, relates with you or can help you in some way!

Lots of love xx


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