A weekend to remember!

Hello, my glitztastic readers. I hope that you all had an amazing weekend full of love, joy, and laughter!

I hope that cupid shot all of you lovely sparkle puffs with the arrow of self-love!

What did you do that revolved around LOVE?!?

Well, my weekend turned out to be one for the memory bank! On valentines day, as you know from my earlier post, I went to the gynecologist. Not every eventful and again, slightly confusing. I don’t want to bog you down with the details here, I will do that another day ;p. My nephew was staying with me so, I made us a lovely fish pie for dinner. For dessert, we had heart shaped marshmallows and roasted them on the cooker (so special). He had a lovely bubble bath with, of course, his fave intergalactic bath bomb from Lush. We then watched How to train your dragon and went to bed. An early night for us both as he had school the next day and I was up and out early too.

On Friday I dropped my nephew to school with Zadie. It was so fun! Then I dropped Zadie home and met my bestie in Stratford for our date day. I picked us up some snacks from M&S and we got a Starbucks. White chocolate mocha with a dash of peppermint, try it! It is AMAZING! Off we went to the cinema to watch J Lo’s new movie Second Act. It is a must see! Funny, light and such a strong powerful message behind it! If you’re not feeling too happy or have a little low self-confidence, this movie will pick you right up! Have you ever been to the cinema at 11:30am on a weekday? Trust me when I say, this is something you have to do at least once in your life! Total game changer! Could even become addictive! After having a good giggle, we went to Nando’s. We won’t be going back there again! It was nasty, sad really as Nando’s used to be so good. RIP to good, affordable and fun Nando’s. Then it was time to work it off. We browsed the shops from Primark to Zara, to Lush and so on. I picked up a black blanket from Primark for Zadie and some leopard print socks for me. I also got some indoor leggings as I need them to use the cross-trainer. I got too fat for my exercise leggings. Total shame, too fat for my fat pants… s**t happens! I got my nephew a Love Boat bath bomb from Lush. I think this one will only be out for valentines, it is a must stock up on bath bomb. The colours are awesome, the smell divine and little dissolvable hearts fall out of the bottom as the bomb fizzes away! Actually, so jealous that I got it for him, but watching his happiness was worth it! I got home that evening and was pooped! It was a quick bath and bed for me!

Saturday I woke up and had planned to go to the V&A with my mum, sister, and nephew to see the Dior exhibition. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go as I needed to take Zadie to the vets as she was bleeding. I was really worried about her. It is hard to tell if she is ill because her spirit is so high all the time even when she is struggling! We spent all morning in the vets but they were so lovely to her and me.16.02.19 Zadie Urine sample She was given 10 days worth of antibiotics and we needed to take a urine sample. Ohh, the joy!!! The crazy bear pees whilst doing a handstand, as you can imagine, it was a lot of fun collecting the sample. We went home and I sorted her bits out did a little cleaning and started cooking. I was so excited as my cousin that I haven’t seen in almost a year was coming over for dinner. I made a chicken and chorizo salad and shepherd’s pie with lamb mince. Later that evening she came over and it was so lovely catching up with her. We ate and chatted the evening away! It is scary how fast time is flying by! this really was a big reminder that I need to make sure that I make time for the people I care about more. It is so important for us or we will lose touch and these relationships will be a thing of the past! Deffo need to calendar another catch up soon as I don’t want another year to pass!

Sunday came, such a beautiful morning. It was cold but bright. Zadie and I went out for an early morning walk in the park. 17.02.19 Zadie WalkOnly a few people were out so it was very peaceful. I love starting the day like this, it just sets you up and allows you time to clear your head. We got home and I quickly got dressed for our family day out. My dads birthday was on the 12th and we had waited until the weekend to celebrate. Up to the Shard, we went and what a beautiful day out it was! The view is amazing definitely worth the trip! We were blessed with a bright day that we got to see Ally Pally! We had a nice cocktail and got lots of great pictures before heading to the lovely Hutong restaurant. The food was amazing and service was on point! I didn’t have to request a chilled glass for my champagne… Bonus… #standards! We were so very lucky to be able to experience this as a family and to have the weather on our side too. Moments like this really make my heart full and is like the icing on the cake for the love I have for my family! It was the perfect day and the perfect end to a lovely weekend. Totally in line with the theme for the month LOVE! I couldn’t have asked for more or for better people to spend the day doing such a special thing with! My family are a blessing to me and through all the tough times we get passed, this one perfect day and many blessings sent on that day make it all worth it! I honestly had such a moment, thinking about how strong we are as a unit and how true love can move mountains! When we got home, we slumped out full bellies and fuller hearts on the sofa, watching a film and taking it in turns to fall asleep. A few hours later my aunt and little cutie cousin came over for a quick cuppa and a chit chat. We have decided to start our own little weight loss group. We are aiming to lose 1 stone each by the 18th of May! This is gonna be hardcore but I know I need to do it so that I can get back to my comfortable weight and fit in my clothes again. I am glad that I have support to do this with as I was not getting very far on my own. Wish me luck guys, I’m gonna need it!

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I honestly feel so blessed. I have not had the best of times lately and just as I was starting to feel quite s**t about it all, the universe sent me an abundance of love that I will hold on to for a long time. I will be sending my gratitude for this and I think this was the sign I needed to get me back into my affirmations and meditations.

I am feeling quite exhausted and that’s the reason for this blog being later that I wanted it to be. However, I am all about self-care and listening to my needs so, what had to be, was/is. It would be hypocritical for me not to as that’s what I seem to bang on about a lot! Well, I got there in the end. Moral of this weekend is, things that make you feel down will always be there. If you have plans to do something nice, just forget about the bad things and allow all the positivity to flow through the nice plans you have. Make the most of it and get back to the not so great stuff once you are ready! I hope you liked the pictures!

I will be posting a few more blogs than usual toward the end of the month, one will be about my recent visit to the hospital and the other on some of my wellbeing practices.

I am excited to hear the ways you shared Love this month.

Happy Valentines to all my lovely readers! May the universe send you all fluffies and fizzes with glitter and sparkles xx


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